Friday, September 23, 2011

Where God Comes down

This morning the kids and I went on a walk on the way to school.   We passed an intersection in Wallingford where the community has painted a section of street with a large "street mural" of a turtle.

The turtle on Interlake and 41st
As Wren scooted past he looked at it and said portentously:
"That is where God comes down to meet the world!  Because it is bright with light.  God comes down there and he is part monster and part animal.  He is half of everything mixed up.  He is half a scooter and half a flower.  He is half and leaf and half a dog.  He is all things mixed up.  He comes down there because he knows all about who GOD IS and he even made museums [we saw Buddha and Ganesh carvings at SAM last week] because he is in museums and knows all about where god is!"

What can you say to that?  Perhaps we should avoid Catholic school.

Dad (who lives in South Africa) was visiting for 3 weeks and Wren and I enjoyed a great deal more culture, dining and recreation than usual (and somewhat less work and sleep).

Dad is very interested in Asian art, in particular in "Netsukes"
We visited the Capitol Hill SAM Asian collection in search of them.
Wren's favorite section of the SAM Asian Collection was the snuff box display.

Wren was very interested in all the Gods and Icons in the museum.
This is a very ancient bronze of a demon.
 Meanwhile, as the weather has turned colder and Beezle shivered from time to time, I took him to a dog shop in search of winter gear.

"I am not going out with Beezle in a coat."  said Joshua.  He is of the opinion that that is what fur is for.  I consider Beezle in need of another one, however, at the dog store all the coats were designed for shorter bodied dogs and they referred us to Weener Dog websites where we might find better apportioned clothing.   I am also considering cutting up a favorite OILILY sweater both boys have outgrown to make Beezle his own coat like this.

Devil Dog - Beezle Tries on a devil sweater that is too small.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think beezel needs a coat. I read in the book, inside the mind of a dog that they regard a coat as a domination and are cowered. Often a dog with a coat will stand still with head and tail down. Roy won't move and inch with one on and looked SO miserable. I vote with Josh. Love mum