Thursday, August 11, 2011


Frost and Wren have become overgrown with hair.  Its a blessing.  Its a curse.

Yesterday, I cut Wren's with the buzzer and he is now less like a girl.  I confess, I told him that usually boys didn't have long hair but he could if he wanted.  He said he wanted long curly hair like Rowan but I explained his could be long, but not curly because his was straight.

So, he said I could cut it.

Frost has been getting compliments on his overgrown thatch of hair.  He has been told he has a Justin Bieber style.  See for yourself.  Both boys are before haircuts (including Wren).
"I don't know.  You say its long but everyone thinks its cool.  I don't
know why you want to cut it.  Well, you can cut JUST A BIT.  This
is SO embarrassing."

Wren with the face-paint from preschool.  He said
"I didn't know you could do it AROUND the eye
but when I saw Nates I said "WOW, I want it like THAT!"

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nautilus said...

where are the 'after' photos? Love MUM