Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Shining Leaves of the Camelia

Rain again after some days of shine. We are in great anticipation of our camping trip to Lake Chelan next week where, weather report rumors have it, it has been close to 80 degrees AND SUNNY.

The blossoms on the Camelia have shriveled to brown clusters and the leaves shine in the rain. I have a cold and staring out the window is about my desire but instead we have a Garage Sale today. I have boxes of stuff that we do not wish to move and care too much for to donate.

Now, because the Garage Sale starts in 15 minutes... here are some pictures:

Beezle sees a Big Water for the first time (Lake Washington)

The Micro-Dog Won't COME.

Walking the Micro-Beezle (an Aberration, he seldom walks on leash)

I am going to EAT you.

My life.
Balancing Titebond wood glue with Wren's need for JELLO.
Jelly was excellent.  Good with a sore throat!  I ate it
with cream and bananas while Wren added "nutty bits."

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