Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poetry in Discovery Park

While walking in the park we started to wax lyrical, making up poems.  Wren caught the intonation while Frost crafted a whole poem.


tamusana said...

Stunning. Truly.

Shannon said...

I think I was a bit dramatic as a child. Was I? Its all a bit murky.

Shannon said...

PS. Did I tell you I have found all the letters you sent me (aerograms) from the US when you emigrated? There are a number over many years.

tamusana said...

first: yes, I suppose you were dramatic, although I'm also very murky, so who knows. You had a great vocabulary, very expressive (unlike now ;-).

Can't imagine where Frost and Wren get their poetic tendencies.

second: no, you didn't tell me about the aerograms (haven't heard that word in a long long time)! Sort of exciting, in a prepare-to-be-mortified way. I'd be very curious to see some... I think. I don't think I was particularly dramatic. Nor superbly expressive.

I have your letters too... somewhere... maybe at my parents' in NY? Will find one day. Confidential. I promise :-)