Friday, June 10, 2011

About Nature

Wren said:  "Mom, I have a question about nature.   Why does my hair move closer to my face when I eat toast?"

I challenge you to answer that.

We went for a walk in Discovery Park.  Wren kept saying "Beazle has DISCOVERED something."

Beazle Discovers Something

Beazle ran well, to keep up.

Frost said "slow down Mom, Beazle has such short legs he has to run all the time!"

I harvested nettles using the clean poop bag to shield my hand.  I am going to make nettle and chanterelle soup.  Beazle thinks I am his mother so he tried to harvest nettles too by jumping and biting them.

I harvest nettles with the (clean) poop bag.

Wren went on the flying fox.

"Why is it called a flying fox?" he wondered.

Beazle ran with his mouth in a smile and his tongue hanging out.  He ran with the leash cut off to 6 inches to get him used to it.

I had to work hard to get Beazle to sniff this hole

Wren (the Wizard) walks with Beazle

"Look at the nettle sea!" said Frost, who was off school due to a cold and sore throat that has lasted 3 days.

"Look at the sea of dinner." I said.

"I would not come in that sea," said Wren.  "I would not swim in the nettle sea!  ARGH!  It is coming!"

The Nettle Sea

We discussed poetry while walking.  I made up a poem.  Then Frost made up a poem.  Then Wren made up a poem.  I shall try and post them.  

Beazle hopes for a snack
Beazle's poem was:


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