Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have bought a dog

We haven't found a house but god dammit, we have a dog.  Actually, we don't have a dog either YET but we have put a deposit on a puppy who is a month old.  This is what we know:

He is a boy.

He is a miniature long-haired daschund dachshund  (you have to be able to spell it before you can buy one). 

He is tan/brown and is the single-only-puppy in his litter.

He lives in Eugene Oregon but we will pick him up near Longview, WA.

Here is his latest puppy pick:

Josh suggests naming him after a Magic the Gathering creature.  I think he looks too fluffy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, the family must prepare for his arrival.
Like Magic the Gathering characters he will have special powers that are not apparent at his arrival, nor apparent in his cuteness.
These powers are legion:
* ability to remove and destroy all footwear (one of each pair hence conserving his energies),
* ability to hide and destroy LEGO minifigures & Magic cards, especially those found on the floor of Frost's room,
* ability to deposit his signature (pee) in the middle of the best carpet in the house.
* ability to get you out in the worst weather so he has can check on the neighbourhood;
* ability to make himself the most loved animal in the house.
(now i will have to come and visit him!)
Love MUM