Saturday, March 5, 2011

We had to do a shave ice

Storms struck Kauai last night with some flash flooding closing the single-lane bridge to Hanalei and the North Shore.  I was woken at 2am by wind lashing the coconut palms and the air sucking in and out through the open windows.

It was still warm.

Today, the sky was still overcast and there were occasional showers but since it is our last full day here we had to go to the beach again and again.  We snorkeled, fought off ravenous wrasse, boogie-boarded (and I hit a rock) and swam in the pool and hot-tubbed.

And we had real shave ice.

Frost at the Lighthouse Bird Sanctuary
posing as a frigate-bird (which we saw) 3/3/11

Wren as a DUDE posing with Ganesha
in front of our house

Wren, hiding

Frost as a Hawaiian prince

Wren, hot-tubbing AGAIN

Shave ice in Koloa

Today, Frost and Wren became sunburned for the first time on our trip.  It was the rainy day and we weren't taking the usual precautions.  Morale?  Sun comes through the clouds in Kauai.

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