Friday, March 4, 2011

We had an Anniversary, really!

Since our excuse for coming to Kauai was our 10th Wedding Anniversary, Josh complained that I was quick to write about swamps and endangered birds but slow to document our anniversary dinner at the Hyatt.  He is probably right.  I should pay more attention to him and less to local fauna but its hard!  Joshua is not a tropical species while the birds and fish are so.... uh oh.  See, I digress again...

On Sunday, we went out to dinner (alone) at Tidepools restaurant at the Hyatt.  It is a beautiful restaurant, located over a glassy pond filled with ravenous koi and looking out over Hyatt gardens landscaped with lush palms and flickering tiki torches.

Hyatt Tiki torches in the evening

Since our house is close to the Hyatt, we had no reservations about double-cocktailing and enjoyed the typical fruit and rum and cosmo-concoctions while we looked over the menu.  It seems that vegetarians do not eat out in Kauai so I made a concession to sushi and ordered the Ahi with Hawaiian hearts of palm, beets, shiso and white soy-yuzu-habanero sauce.   Yes!  I am ashamed but it was tasty - but most delightful was the habenero infused dip.

Josh enjoyed his corn, vanilla and Dungeness crab chowder as well
as his macademia nut crusted mahi-mahi with rice wrapped in taro leaf.

Somewhere through my Tofu "Hiryozu" - sesame somen noodles, grilled asparagus, tomato ginger relish and Tokyo sauce - I thought I might drop one little somen noodle into the pond to feed a single lonely koi who was waiting below the table.

He splashed and gulped it down and immediately koi from all over the pond rushed to our tableside.  We looked away and pretended it was someone else.  I mean, even though its not the kind of place to feature DO NOT FEED THE FISH signs all over, it was kind of implicit that you not toss your dinner into the koi pond.

The ravenous Koi ravenning for noodles

The Vegetarian Option.  Tasty bot not sublime
I am once again being rushed off the computer - this is Hawaii after all - and urged to "GO NOW Go there" by Wren.  We are leaving for a day trip up the North Shore with a stop in Kapa'a for breakfast.

LEaving in misty rain and forced to go and look at a dead cane toad on the road.  I hope to update this more later.... embellish embellish.

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