Monday, February 14, 2011

Give me Trash Food Now, please.

"I am SHRINKING!"  Wren shouted this morning while standing with his back pressed against the door jamb.  We had drawn a mark on the wall to show his height but it had been done with shoes on.  This morning he noticed that he was a lot shorter than the mark and worried he had shrunk.

I explained that shoes made the difference but he didn't quite accept it.  I allowed him to wear my shoes and draw a new mark "WREN + SHOES" which made him happy.   

At bedtime Wren said "Its not fair that you get to stay awake but I have to go to sleep."  I told him he had to sleep more than grownups because his body was still doing lots of work growing bigger.

"I will be bigger in the morning!" he said, in excitement.  

If overnight bone growth doesn't occur fast enough, we are working on growing fatter with chocolate.

Frost and Josh went out to buy some Valentines Treats.  They bought chocolates and flowers for us.  When they came home with Safeway bags Wren shouted:

"I want some TRASH FOOD!   I want TRASH FOOD now!"

"What is trash food, Wren?" we asked.

"It is sugar food that is bad for my body!"

"Ohh, you mean junk food?"

"Yes, I want JUNK FOOD NOW!  .... please."

Of course, such honesty deserves sugar so we all ate some chocolates.

After dinner Joshua was shocked to see how few chocolates were left.  "I have had one chocolate.  How on earth have we eaten EIGHTEEN???"  he asked.   We explained that we gave a few to Lauren and kids.  The math still made us look greedy.  "If I'd known I lived with such ferocious eaters I would have bought more." he added.

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