Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anemia or Just Normal Wear and Tear

When I was changing Wren into his PJs this evening I was shocked to see the number of bruises on his little legs.  He looks like he's been hit with shrapnel!

I know he fell over twice this evening (tripping on his Uggs in the dark on the way to the Lunar New Year celebration) and that explains the scrape but what on earth are all the other bruises?

Wren's bruised legs.
I have been googling "child bruised legs" and "bruised shins" and see that this is a common concern for parents of mobile but stability challenged children but this picture looks far worse than any other posted on the topic.

Do you think he might have anemia?  I am considering sending this picture to his pediatrician to see what she thinks.

From Bruised Legs to Brooding Looks
Now, last weekend Josh and I went out to dinner at Tilth and enjoyed a 5 course vegetarian tasting menu.  Quite delicious and not overly filling.  I love this picture of Joshua contemplating his reaction to a braised cauliflower dish.

Joshua, contemplating the flavor of braised cauliflower at Tilth
Now, have to check that Frost's in bed.


Anonymous said...

mmmm, wren's legs look rather too bruised. you need to check this out. i remember that David had bruises but this looks over the top. let me know what they say. love MUM

Sara said...

You should think about having his platelet levels checked. From my blog:

I don't want to freak you out and our son was back to normal after six months, but it's something you should have checked out.

Shannon said...

We had him checked and our ped thinks he is Okay. Still, I feel I should keep a "fall over" log to reassure myself about the cause-effect.

Sara said...

Shannon -- I'm glad to hear that your ped doesn't think it has anything to do with Wren's platelet levels and instead because he's just adventurous in this world. After I wrote the first time I felt bad... I sure don't want to freak out some woman that I only know from lurking on her blog!

Wendy said...

We have legs that look like that here - except Chris is on daily aspirin so the bruises are easily explained.

Glad your doc isn't concerned, always nice to get the reassurance! (and be glad it's not shorts season right now)