Monday, January 31, 2011

Hawaii and Serial Thrillers

Last night, as I took my place on the couch at 10pm Frost asked, "Mum why are the only shows you watch ones about Hawaii, serial killers and medical dramas?"

He is frustrated because my standard line is "No, you can't sleep on the couch because its my turn to watch TV." 

He then counters with "I'll stay and watch too."

It being late on a Friday / Saturday / bedtime on a school night, I am not sympatico with this plan and explain that I am going to watch my child-inappropriate show.   Frost understands this to mean something about Hawaii, serial killers or grisly hospital drama.   I confess that he is not far off the mark but I throw in a few episodes of Parenthood, Masterpiece British dramas (about Serial killers or misunderstood troubled youth) and some odd Novas along the way.  Last night I watched Criminal Minds but fast-forwarded quite a bit to collapse the 1 hr screening time into 30 minutes of edited-entertainment. 

Is that sad that I don't even have the attention/time span for pulp television?

This morning, Frost has a cold and is collapsing on the couch reading 39 Clues Book 6.  He is unable to get up to make his breakfast and hopes for french toast, which I provide.

"I am sooo tired because Alex and Eve left random appliances in my bed from a game in which I was some guy with my stuff and they stole my stuff from me.  So I couldn't sleep last night because there was all this STUFF in my bed."

Last night, Josh and I went out to Tilth and enjoyed the 5 course tasting menu.  It was tasty and the Dark and Rainy cocktail was sublime.  Mental note:  try and recreate it with gingerale and various unknown alcoholic ingredients.

This morning, I am going to pilates class.  Courtney and I did a 6 mile run yesterday and I shall try and do another 3 today.  However, I am also thinking of joining a gym so I can do the strengthening exercises recommended by my physio.  I need attached weights to do them easily.   However, I don't know if I have time in my life to go to gym too...

Its hard work being fit!

Frost is hoping to get out of his soccer game today (due to cold, sleeping with debris and the temptation of lying wrapped up in fleece).   I need to get them out the house at some point but that point looks pretty far away.

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