Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go Snow, Go!

We have some snow in Seattle.  The boys are very disappointed that it is falling overnight and predicted to be washed away by a warm front by morning.  Its been very cold recently - without gloves my hands were very painful running around Greenlake on Monday and I couldn't believe how red they were.

Frost wanted to play in it and hoped for a day off school.  Wren wanted to watch.

Snow out the window at 11.15pm.
 Annual Checkup for Wren
Wren had his annual pediatrician visit this week.  The pediatrician told him "When you were a baby we did not know what a big healthy boy you would grow up to be."   It brings tears to my eyes.  Of course, Wren has cardiology this month so I always get that superstitious "don't trust the future" feeling.  However, he looks great.  Here are his stats:

Age:  4 years  (he told the nurse to put a 0 in for zero months)
Height: 41 inches (70th percentile)
Weight:  37lbs (70th percentile)
Hearing:  perfect
Eyesight:  20/30

Height:  41 inches

Weight 37lbs

Raise your hand when you hear the BEEP.

Other than the shot, Wren really enjoyed his visit to the doctor.  She talked to him like he was a big boy and asked him his favorite colors, about his preschool and what he liked to read.  He told her his favorite colors were white and black because white is no color you can see and black is too dark to see it.  She said "he is really thinking!"

When we came home he wanted to play Doctor Dinosaur.  All the dinosaurs lined up and were given well-child visits.  They had their hearing tested, received a shot, had their feet checked for Plantar warts (Because Josh had one and it has greatly impressed Wren) and had splinters removed.  They were also asked about "any problems in their body".  At his appointment Wren told the doctor he had a sore in his mouth and she saw that it was a canker sore.  He also asks the dinosaurs this question.   It is very satisfying and we have many dinosaurs still lined up to receive treatment in the hospital!

Great Wolf Lodge
We also spent a night at Great Wolf Lodge last weekend, with Kindra and her family.  It was lovely to see them and we spent a long time eating, swimming and wandering around with wands.  It is interesting how kids suddenly change around adolescence.  Mason (12) is so much older than Frost (9)right now!

Here are Wren and Cousin Charlie at the big bear.

4 Year old cousins.


Anonymous said...

that's good news. Wren is looking such a big boy now. No longer a little chap. Love MUM

Linda said...

How great that he is perfect! :) Good luck at the Cardiology appointment!