Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Theories of Almost-4

"I am very clever," Wren told me this morning, gesturing towards a multi-story office building.  "I can't see inside that building but I KNOW that people are talking."

"What about that building?" I wondered, pointing to a shop on Stone Way.

"Oh, in that one they are cleaning up."

This afternoon, I took Wren to the fish and chip shop at Fishermen's Terminal.   I've been thinking about Mum's order to feed him more and rich fatty fried salmon seemed like a good idea for a cold rainy day.  While I ate too many fries he ate his way through the salmon.  He pretended to be an eagle and pounce down on the fish in his talons.  We joked about the way the eagle also pounced on the fries and pretended they were small fish called fry.  Once Wren mis-spoke and called the fish "Itch."  Instead of correcting himself he said:

"There really is a food called itch.  Its a real Chinese food.  Do you know what itch has in it?  It has soy sauce, vinegar, meat and cheese.  It is called Itch."

On the way home he became creative.

"Wouldn't it be cool if there were mechanical steps to get up into a bulldozer.  Mechanical steps for kids to get up?  And you pull a button to make it go up and you push the big button to make it go.  That machine, it costs ninety hundred dollars!"

Wren in Discovery Park.
Note all the scattered mushrooms under the conifers in the background.

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