Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Danger of Being Frost

It is a very dangerous business being Frost.   The world seems to throw many unexpected obstacles in his path which hurt him.  You or I might occasionally stub a toe or hit an elbow closing a car door in a hurry.  Not Frost!   He has multiple injuries in a day.

Here are a sampling of Frost injuries on Saturday.

Incident 1.
Frost is tapping his foot on the floor to pace himself as he practices xylophone in the living room.

Frost:  OW, OWWWW.  DAMMIT. 
Me:  What's wrong Frost?  You ok?
Frost:   OW.  
Me:  Frost?  [You notice that I no longer get up from the table to investigate, being long inured to these  catastrophes]
Frost:  I hit the side of my head with the mallet and now my head is throbbing!

Incident 2.
I am in the bathroom at the Memorial Stadium as we prepare for the 1 mile Children's Marathon on Saturday early.  Frost is waiting in the corridor outside the ladies.  When I come out he is bending over holding his head.  He continues to walk along holding his head.

Me: Why are you walking like that?
Frost:  My head hurts.
Me:  What happened to you?
Frost:  I was sliding along the walk.  You know,I was walking along with my head brushing against the wall and I didn't see a cable box thing and suddenly my head went WHAM and it hit the cable box heater thing!
Me:  Why were you sliding along the wall?
Frost:  I don't know.

Incident 3.
Frost is playing magic the gathering at the dining room table.  He is turning over cards while sitting on a chair with one knee.  The other leg is on the floor.  He keeps jiggling from foot to foot and mumbling thoughts or a song under his breath.  This is a very Frost moment.

Me:  What did you do now?  You are just sitting there!
Frost:  Stop.  Don't .... talk..... ow........argh.

I shake my head.

Me:  Well, you poor thing?  What happened?
Frost:  I ....... hit.... my ...... funnybone ..... on the table!

The other day, Wren was upset with me for some reason and gave me the Fierce Glare (he freezes, goes "grrrrrr" under his breath and then glares at you as if he were a wolf in the forest).  On this occasion he also "flipped a bird" at me.     I couldn't keep a straight face but I told him it was rude.

Of course, Wren also says DAMMIT when he stubs his toe.

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Wendy said...

Shannon - some days you make me laugh out loud with your posts. Today was one of those days.