Monday, October 18, 2010

Under Siege

At 4.35am I was woken by loud thudding noises in the kitchen.  While half asleep I thought that Joshua was throwing away a lot of garbage. 

"THUD" The noise of a door being closed.
"THUNK" Something falling.

Suddenly my fogged brain realized that there were raccoons in the kitchen.

I shook Josh and we staggered out into the dark kitchen.  There were scuffling sounds and some more WACK WACKS as they escaped through the cat door.  Looking around we saw that they had been trying to get into the big catfood storage bin which has a latched lid.   I stuffed some sofa cushions in front of the cat door and a short while later spotted one on the deck trying again.

Really fed up with raccoons this morning.


Brandi said...

Raccoons are the worst!

Have you tried one of those locking cat doors? It's a regular flap door with a little plastic latch. You can set it to 'locked' when the cats are inside and keep the raccoons out (unless they are REALLY clever!). You can also set the door to 'locked' in only one direction- to let the cats OUT but not back in, which might be a good setting for deterring your nighttime visitors while still allowing your cats outside access.

Shannon said...

Brandi, the cat door has lock options and requires a magnet to activate it. However, they manage to fiddle with it and get their fingers in somehow and unlatch it! I hear them going pat, pat, pat at it until it gives. The cat can't get in but the raccoons can!

I was thinking of ordering some coyote pee chemical to scatter around. Apparently that marks the area and frightens them.