Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chickens killed

We have had a very sad early morning.  I woke in the half-light and saw that Syliva was dead on the lawn.   Chippy was nearby.  Raccoons had got into the coop by digging under the door and pushing through the wire.  They ate a bit of them and left their bodies with feathers everywhere. 

We are all very sad, except Wren.  Frost and I are crying.  Frost wants to shoot raccoons with a BB gun.   Josh is wondering what to do now and Wren is making up scenarios about how the raccoons killed the chickens and how we could put up gargoyles to scare away raccoons.

Josh is considering a chicken funeral.

We now have one surviving chicken - Ruby.

We need another young chicken to live with her.  

I don't think you can keep only one chicken. 

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