Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wren in the car

I drove Frost to school on Friday.  On the drive in the car Wren and I had a 'conversation.'  Remember, I am driving and for the most part this requires that one is facing forward.  Wren does not appreciate this point but I hope you can. 

Wren:  Can I rip this?
Me:  I am driving.  I can't see what it is.  What do you want to rip?
Wren:  THIS
Me:  Tell me what it is so I can ... Frost, what does Wren want to rip.
[silence.  Frost is reading Signspotting and cannot hear me.]
Me:  FROST!!!
Frost:  WHAT!???
Me:  What does Wren want to rip?
Frost: The coupon book.
Me:  No, you can't rip the Chinook Book or it will be ruined.
Wren:  But I REALLY want to rip it.  This picture is a man jumping OUT.
Me:  I can't see the picture [I glance around] .. oh... the cover.  No, please don't rip that off.  Its the new Chinook book.
Me:   Why don't you rip something else?
Wren:  What can I rip?
Me:  [making one of those dangerous swoops to retrieve something from the floor while driving]  Here, rip this.  [I give Wren Frost's homework information which shows Six Strategies of Skilled Writers.]
Wren:  NO!  [crying] That is not good.  I want to RIP THIS!
[I am now about a second away from promising cookies if he stops wailing]

Me:  Why do you want to rip?
Wren:  I want to get it out.
Me:  What do you need to do ripping?
Wren:  Scissors!
Me:  Well, when we get home I will give you scissors.

And this was only 5 minutes.  Seriously, Wren is very opinionated at the moment.

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