Thursday, September 2, 2010

Off to Hluhluwe

Tomorrow morning we are off "on Safari" as the Americans like to say it.  Here, we say simply that "we are going to a game reserve."

Going to a game reserve can be a simple matter, much like heading off camping for the weekend.  Some national park sites have tent camping within a walled camp zone, others rent rondavels for an affordable rate.  Of course, there are also the 5 start safari lodges which feature full catering, sundowners and game walks.

We are going to something in the middle.  It is a game lodge within a fenced camp but we are self-catering, which means it has a nice kitchen and a whole house for the group.  There will be seven of us (Dad, Ingrid, my family and David).   Unfortunately, both Ansellia and Orion have school work and cannot come.

We are leaving early to have breakfast at Shaka's Rock and then one car will head up to Richards Bay so David can do an evaluation of a mall his property firm is looking at, while the other goes directly to the game reserve.

We will be staying 3 nights and returning Sunday.

The absence of laptop etc will make reporting scarce.  Perhaps when we get back.

Wish me lions and rhinos.

There have been some power outages over the last few days.  Power problems abound as the electricity needs outstrip supply.  Even in eco-conscious homes in Seattle I have not seen so many energy saving bulbs.  Every light bulb that is not halogen is energy saving at Dad's.

With the power out, some of the major intersections have been without power and minus robots the traffic snarls are "like India."  When lights are out people do not stop and allow waves of traffic to take turns.  Instead, all the cars and trucks advance into the intersections at the same time.  Its insane.  You kind of push and wedge your way through, much like a game of Traffic Jam where you maneuver cars to get one through.  The major intersection at Umgeni Road should have been filmed (of course, minus camera that was not an option).  Joshua said "it is probably a good time to concentrate on traffic."

Dad says he has no idea why South Africans behave like this when the lights go out. In other countries people take turns.

When we came by later traffic cops were controlling the intersection using hand signals and all was orderly again.

We went to the African Art Center and bought a wooden fish carving.  Also took the kids to Ushaka Wild Waves and went down slides called things like SQUID and MAMBA. 

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