Thursday, September 30, 2010

Language is hard work

Driving Frost to Eve's for a playdate, we noticed a cement mixer down the street from us offloading.  One of our neighbors was at it landscaping, again.

"What is they doing with it?"  Wren asked.
"Remodeling the garden, no doubt." I opined.
"What is no doubt?" wondered Wren. "Is no doubt in the garden?"
"No, I meant... I am sure they are remodeling the garden."
"Oh.  Its remodeling." he nodded.
"No.. I meant, I-AM-SURE that they are remodeling.  No doubt is how I feel."
"Whaatt?   So, they have a feeling in the garden?"
"Um.  No doubt means that you are sure about something.  Like, I am sure they are remodeling the garden."
"Ooooh.  You are sure."

Yesterday, Wren hit a new stage.  He is suddenly happy (even though he had a fever).  He is bristling with ideas.  He wants to do things and write letters all the time.  He wants to WRITE MY NAME [although it looks like hieroglyphics except for the W which looks like M.

Wren is obsessed with mazes and drawing.  He traces paths through mazes with intense concentration.  He draws the same motif (a monster in flight with big wings) again and again calling it different names and making up different scenarios.  Sometimes it is a zombie, sometimes a dragon, sometimes A Bad Guy.

Right now I ask him what he is doing.

"I am having a battle with guys."
"What kind of guys?"
"Wild cats and creatures and stuff" he answers then falls back into quiet concentration in his room.

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