Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Seattle, takes time

Be chilled dude
On the eve of our departure to Jbg and home, I have been digging into lunch at Beanbag Bohemia and into boxes of family heirlooms and artifacts Dad had stored in the attic / roof.

I am in a bit of a panic about the artifacts, although the lunch was great. Dad and Ingrid have a rather frantic and chaotic life. They manage their work and interests very well, but there is so much going on that other stuff is delegated to housekeepers, cleaners, handymen and others. Its hard to keep track of some things.

In the box of artifacts I found birth and death certificates of ancestors whose names I had never heard. I learned my Dads family came from Scotland, Glasgow.

I learned what my grandmother died of and found that the family antique toys have been badly damaged in the years since I was a child. Sigh.

Its hard being far away. I want to fix things that are really outside my control.

Anyway, here is Wren at lunch and a family picture from this afternoon. Hope to be home on Thursday afternoon Seattle time.

Family 'portrait' on the lawn

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