Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UShaka Aquarium

Its latish and a huge frog (possibly the Guttural has been performing a percussive gargle for about an hour.  I don't know how I am going to sleep with it going outside the window.   I have earplugs but Wren doesn't.  Apparently these frogs come to the ornamental pond (read sludgy wallow) seasonally and have made such a noise in the past that Dad set out to capture them.

One night he caught a few of them and put them in a box.  He decided to drive them to a local forest and release them near a pond.  Unfortunately they escaped in his car and led him on a merry chase before their relocation could be completed.

Within three days 'they' had returned.

Frost and I went out there with a head lamp (Ingrid was afraid we were going to get attacked by the dog but he was not there) and tried to see the frogs but as soon as we turned on the light they shut up.

Even while they were quiet I could here other frogs making the same loud call from neighboring water features.   Argh.

So, anyway.  We went to the aquarium yesterday.  Today we visited the Somtseu Road Hindu temple and the Botanic Gardens - but more on that.  I am tired so shall simply share some pictures from our UShaka Marine World visit.

View of the beaches from UShaka.
Wren still thinks the waves are huge.
The Dolphin show was on as we arrived.
This is Gambit - a huge dolphin who has been at the Aquarium since 1976.
UShaka is inside an inverted ship.   You can look through
portholes into the tanks.

We saw "open water ocean" feeding.   The rays were
amazing as they came to take fish.

This is Frost's favorite picture.
Wren says "this stingray was going very close to us."
Frost seeing a big fish!
Wren says "we are seeing a big crab.  He is VERY BIG and very UNDER OCEAN."
Frost says "I know this is a Japanese crab because I have seen this kind
in Katamari."

This is a picture of living nautilus squid.
I had never seen them before (this is for mum!)
Wren says "I really want to eat those!"

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