Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trendy Coffee

Far from Seattle we have still managed to find a trendy coffee shop, at least that is what we hear.  Both at Mitchell Park and at Gateway, we've enjoyed coffee at Cafe Vida.  Its so trendy it charges Seattle prices for lattes and has the whole "barista with an attitude" thing going.

My complaint?  The lattes are like warm milk with a tiny bit of coffee.  I would need to routinely order doubles if I was going to do this more often.

Wren: "I WANT my own Vitamin Water.  I want the yellow one."
Frost: "I want the white one because it has no artificial colorings."

Mugging it for the camera (Wren and Frost fighting to be photographer)

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Wyndi said...

you look beautiful!!!!! Glad you guys are having fun!!!