Monday, August 23, 2010


This morning Wren saw vervet monkeys for the first time.   They were running along and climbing through the brush at the side of the Country Club golf course.

At first we saw only a few large guard monkeys but once we went into the Country Club we saw large ones and mothers and lots of younger monkeys.

Young monkey running along the wire.
Blue balled monkey showing me his bottom.
The small monkeys had trouble with running along power lines and kept falling off and hanging on with their tales under the wire.  The larger ones liked to show me their bright blue testicles and red bottoms.  

It was lovely to see them so close although local runners couldn't understand why we were taking pictures of monkeys.

The monkeys were just across the road from the World Cup Soccer Stadium - Moses Mbeda Soccer Stadium.  There is a ride you can take across the peak of the stadium but we are waiting for Joshua to join us for that outing.

More later on birds spotted and a visit to Aunt Helen.

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