Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Hair

Wren could barely see out from under his bangs by the end of our camping trip. The reason I let it get so long is that he's afraid of anything to do with hair - hairwash, haircut. If it begins with hair its Bad News.

I booked him a haircut at Kids Cuts at U-Village - the only place that has cut his hair without leaving big chunks or only getting half completed before giving up. I didn't tell him it was haircut. We just went There.

When the hairstylist came out and called him in they had a conversation:

Wren: I don't like haircuts.
Hairlady: Oh, why not?
Wren: I don't like them.
Hairlady: Do you like toys?
Wren: I like them. I like guys.
Hairlady: Do you want to choose your own box? [they have toy boxes to use during haircuts]
Wren: Yes.
Hairlady: Do you want to sit in the red car or the yellow car?
Wren: The red car. No, the YELLOW car. No... YES. The Yellow car.

He sat down and I left him there and read a magazine and shopped the sale rack. It was very civilized. Here is the result. Wren is wearing a Beatles Shirt given to him by Tara and Alex. Wren calls them "the music people The Bugs."

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