Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Joy of Vashon

I am going to be very dull for the next few days. I am just so startlingly happy at this beautiful house we are staying in that I am just going to post and rhapse lyrical about the place while Wren is sitting in the hot tub:

he has been there for ages, and yes, I have the temperature down to 99 so I am not concerned for his health. Plus, he stands up all the time. He is playing a game with the non-functional knobs. Sometimes the hot-tub is a space ship that he is driving. "Operation, clear" he says. Other times he presses them and says "WOOKY, WOOKY, WOOKY" which means "the big robot." He loves to make the maximum number of jets and bubbles turn on which generates some foam. That is called "volcano erupting" and we have to hold on in that phase.

Last night we all lazed around in it. I was the one who got out first - the kids version of hot-tubbing is too active and creative for me. I require rest, peace, relaxation and a book. Joshua is threatening to take the ipad into the hot-tub and watch a movie.

The house is quite remote from the road although the waterfront is developed and we have a number of neighbors. To reach the house we have to make a rather precipitous decent which is not easy with luggage and food.

Front door of the house
Trail from the back door

View down the trail from the road.

We now need to take a break from this transmission and head inside for lunch.

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