Friday, June 18, 2010

Fight big lizard with your claws

While he has been sick Wren has enjoyed a few "screen times" not rated for 3 year olds. One of these was Godzilla Tokyo SOS.

The movie has gripped Wren's imagination and he keeps wanting to fight big lizard with weapons, trap big lizard, be a driver INSIDE a bad big lizard (mecha-Godzilla). Here is yesterday's battle:

Wren: Bye-bye. I am going to fight evil lizard with my claw.

Me: Bye. Good luck.

Wren: I am going in my car [he is sitting in a blue plastic car in the garden]. YOU came in my car too. You are also in the lizard garden.

Heading off to fight mecha-Zilla with the claw on top

Me: Oh, ok. Are you going to defend me? [I am weeding the herb garden]

Wren: I will get a bomb to fight Mecha-Lizard-Zilla but NOTHING WILL MAKE HIM DIE. NOTHING EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER. NOTHING NOTHING.

Wren walks around menacingly chanting "Mecha-Godzilla" under his breath.

Wren: Mecha-Godzilla is still alive se we have to get him.

He throws a shoe onto the lawn.

Wren: I need to get some SACRIFICE.

[He carves between the slats on the deck with a popsicle stick, sawing and carving.]

Wren: You get your knife. You throw it at him BUT HE NEVER DIES! Mummy, come. Can you get under the deck?

Me: No, I am too big. I don't really fit.

Wren: I see something under the deck I need to get. Argh. I will get it. I get it!

He has retrieved a piece of sidewalk chalk forgotten under the deck. It is yellow. He walks over to the cement path and starts to draw.

Wren: I need to make a special pattern on the sidewalk. It will confuse him and he thinks its an item of a jewel. Mecha-Godzilla has a jewel. It is going to be the same as HIS jewel-thing. Mecha-Godzilla's jewel thing.

Me: Look what Mecha-Godzilla's jewel looks like!

Wren with the jewel.

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