Monday, June 14, 2010

Bellevue Children's Clinic

I took Wren over to the after hours clinic at Children's Hospital in Bellevue. My doctor has some kind of after-hours arrangement with the clinic so we went despite the schlep.

They did the usual and he checked out okay. The doctor said his lungs sounded clear but she would not be sure unless we ordered an X-ray. However, she left it up to me to do one now or watch him for another few days. She added that he had one "lesion" (it was an ulcer-like sore) on his throat which could be early coxsackie virus or he could have two viruses OR it could be pneumonia.

So, I decided to avoid an x-ray and watch for a few days to see how he does. His clear (sounding) lungs, no fever yet today, normal sats and normal respiration mean he's not in crisis even though he has a nasty-nasty wet sounding spasmodic cough.

We are drinking lots and he is feeling okay as long as I play with him ALL DAY LONG. Ask how I am feeling, ok?


Wyndi said...

hoping wren feels better very soon!

hschinske said...

Have they ruled out atypical whooping cough? I've read that's one of the things to check for any time a child coughs to the point of vomiting (though of course some children throw up more easily than others, so it might happen anyway).

It sounds as though he's better, though -- hope you are *all* okay and getting some rest soon!