Monday, May 17, 2010

Relax and think about happiness

It was Tara's birthday today and we spent the afternoon at the naked-lady-spa baths aka Olympus Spa in Lynnwood. I always enjoy that place. Its lovely to wallow in the hot and cold pools and to get scoured within an inch of ones life on a slippery massage table by a woman in black underwear and catching up on the trends in tattoos (asian, calligraphy, blackwork, little fairies).

What's not to like.

Well, it turns out that something bothered me. As I was lying on the scrub table the masseur / scrubber leant close to my ear and whispered "relax and think about happiness."

Think about happiness.

I guess I am one of those over-analytical people who doesn't think happiness is an end in itself so there I was trying to relax and ponder the meaning of "happiness". I was already in an odd space on this issue since I received an email from Jonathan in London asking what I am doing with my life besides mothering. I couldn't answer that either.

Oddly, the first and strongest association I had when told to Relax and Think About Happiness was a recollection of a visit to a roller rink some time in the late 70s or early 80s. I was learning to skate and did not find it easy. However, I had managed to go around and around on this rink which smelled of rubber. Perhaps I was watching my skates, perhaps I was biting my lip. Anyway, a skate monitor (young 20s and cool) skated up to me and said "relax, this is supposed to be FUN!"

At the time, I found this extremely embarrassing. So much so that I spent of lot of time thinking about being a serious person who does not have FUN. Of course, I thought I was over it. Over considering serious and fun as a dichotomy.

I am now going to bed instead of finishing this thought in an elegant manner. I can do this because I am fun and relaxed (and well scrubbed).

Happy birthday Tara!

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Linda said...

Well, I would have to say that I think the job you do mothering is as or more important than any other profession in this world and I think you can be proud of the job you do. Wanting to do something else for yourself is great too but not because what you're already doing isn't important enough. :)