Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A post on Camp Orkila is taking time. Meanwhile, Wren enjoyed the clay at Camp Orkila. This is a tiny little movie made with my point and shoot camera in a crowd of kids. It is mainly for Mum who will tell me that I must sign Wren up for pottery class, which I am trying to do. It was a lot of fun for me too although I loathed pottery class when I was a kid.

There was this strange woman who taught it and I was dumped off there weekly to play with lumps of clay and mould them into uninspired objects which I felt obliged to hang onto. I did not connect with clay. It was in a shed off her garage. She had rules and I didn't like them. I think she told me off once about something but I cannot recall what it was.

Now, if someone had sent me to a painting or drawing class I would have had fun. Why is it so hard to see who our kids are becoming and just go with it?

The need to give our kids opportunities and experience speaks more about us than them.

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