Thursday, April 1, 2010

What goes up

This morning we scooted to visit Leo, Anna and Ari. The sky was a cornflower blue [#6495ED] above us but to the north and south huge mounds of grey black clouds massed and churned. I was riding the scooter we snagged at the Lakeside Rummage sale last weekend. Unlike the old one, I am able to stand upright while scooting (the old one was found in a dumpster near our campsite at Cape Disappointment last summer and is held together with duct tape) and as a result I have fewer collisions and dead stops when I encounter surprising ridges and cracks in the sidewalk.

This is refreshing.

In my newfound confidence I have learned to do TRICKS. Wren also does tricks. He sticks his leg out in an arabesque while shouting "LOOOOOK LOOOOK". I do a trick where I hook one leg over the handlebars and shout "Look Wren, look!" Then he throws himself on the ground and rolls around a bit. This thrashing is because he can't do that move and is dismayed by my skill, grace and elegance ;) I urge him to get up and concede to copy his move and he deigns to copy his old move back again, with a twist of one arm out!

Apparently we look quite cute scooting around. Or perhaps it is amusing to people to see a 56 Wii-year old mother scooting with her 3 year old son [Aside: My Wii age yesterday was 56 while Josh's is now 22. If he regresses much further our relationship will be on an awkward footing]

Wren was a bit reserved at Leo's while he ate a rice-cake and peanut butter AND HONEY and a string cheese and frozen blueberries. However, his reserve was quickly eroded by his first trampoline bounce.

Here are some pictures of Leo and Wren on the trampoline.

1. Wren tells Leo what to do. Leo is not sure. Wren is pretending to be a little lion. The little lion thinks that it is too bouncy in the middle and wants Leo to stay at middle so he can be safe at the periphery.

2. But they both fall down anyway.
3. Falling down is funny. So is having hair that stands on end.
4. And jumping up and down is pretty fun too.
5. And falling down is ... well, you probably follow this part of things.

6. Except then you get really crazy hair and it hurts to touch you because you are electrifyingly bouncy. This reminds me of my brother, David's, hair when he was this age. It was always out like a dandelion.

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