Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the small things

Glimpses of today:
  • Wren & I played a long game of baking cakes with blocks mixed in a bowl. The animals had birthday parties and sang songs. The little wood people were called Lemon and Raspberry. Big orange dragon chased wolf.
  • Dumping 440lbs of construction and yard debris at the tip. Watching two girls cheer as they threw a box-spring and mattress off the back of their pickup into the hole and saw it splintered by the bulldozer. The sense that the disposability of stuff is coming to an end.
  • My dirty fingers carrying my nice silver MacBook into the coffee shop.
  • The girl next to me who stuffs her mac into a bag that looks like a big cozy slipper.
  • Wren playing with the new bee puppet. Bee has a bee hive of pillows and stings if you are not careful.
  • Receiving email confirmation of the family's flights to South Africa. We'll be looking for a house-sitter in August / September.
  • Joshua is making icecream tonight. I am on my stop-eating-cookies-Fatty diet. Ah, the contradictions.
  • Its utterly spring. Wearing a t-shirt today and still felt warm. Wren, Heather and Kyler had a picnic lunch in the garden. Some early flowers are out - not only the hyacinth, crocus and daffodils - really early bushes with flowers that are normally out in April if we're lucky. Its just not wintry or even early springy. Its downright late summery. Cliff Mass calls this "the Big Kahuna of warm winters".
  • Hawaaian airlines is offering return flights from Seattle to Honolulu for $327 (including taxes). You have to fly certain days - its even cheaper from Portland. Makes me want to vanish for a week. The dates I looked for are April/May.
  • Josh and I have both signed up for co-rec soccer teams. I am on one on Wednesday nights and his is expected to play Sundays. Mine starts this week - if my pulled groin muscle allows me to play.
Ok, home again now.

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