Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slips of tongue

Wren has been using his increasingly large vocabulary and coming up with many strange expressions. Here are some recent phrases that have me smiling:

"I am pawning" - cutting plants that are too big in the garden and cutting up dirt.

"We must go to TOYS OR US!" Sure does feel like toys vs parents.

"Mummy, mummy. I just remembered the dreams we dreamed. Do you remember? Member we were fighting big robots?" Does Wren think we share our dreams if I am in them? I am confused but it has a strange logic to it.

This afternoon Wren told me a lie for the first time. He had some pill bugs in a tupperware that he was going to keep "as pets". He took them into his room but came out to the garden to tell me that there was a big mess in his room.

"What happened?" I asked, when I saw it. Dirt and water were smeared across the carpet.
"FROST did it." he said.
"But Frost is at school," I pointed out.
"He did it before he went away," suggested Wren.
"Hrmmm" I pondered, looking at the spilled earth, the water, the second tupperware in which the unfortunate pill bugs were now swimming.
"I think you put water in there and then you tried to pour the earth out into the water and some fell on the floor. Is that right?"
"Don't say that!"
"Why did you pour all that water in?"
"You said that we must give them water!" [I meant a little moisture not a few cups... but.. my bad]
"Its ok, we will help the pill bugs and put out some water and let them go...."
"NOOO, they are my pets!"
"Ok, you can keep them a bit but please don't make up stories and tell me a lie about what happened. I won't be cross if you tell me the truth."
"NO. Now I am MAD because YOU say THAT!" Wren glowers at me with arms crossed over his little chest. Turning away fiercely.
"I feel MAD!"


tamusana said...

I love this!

Luca can't tell a lie. Or, if he does, he always 'fesses up. Kenji, on the other hand....

Shannon said...

I know, Frost cannot lie. He snorts and giggles and then tells me "ACTUALLY...."

Wren, however. The depths of his self-righteousness!