Monday, March 8, 2010

Better and the rain returns

We've had an early spring here with days of blazing sun and T-shirt weather at a time when we usually have frosty mornings and fleece most days. We've planted early spring vegetables and mowed the lawn. Dandelions are flowering and the hyacinth are completely unfurled.

Apparently, we are now returning to cold. As I type a curtain of cloud is drawing across the morning blue and according to my favorite weather forecaster, it will be raining by nightfall and we should "protect tender plants" overnight.

Wren suggested we "get a pot. Put it OVER them." so we are going to do that.

He is much better today. He still has a chunky cough but didn't nap yesterday and seemed in good spirits. He has been out scooting and running and sleeps better at night. This week Wren moved from his crib into a big boy bed. Apparently, Josh has some kind of recall telepathy because when I googled our crib to list it on Craigslist I found it was subject to a recall a week earlier. The drop sides can split apart and present a suffocation risk for babies! We now have to throw it away!

Here is the new bed:

The boys have been playing with water balloons they inflate with air (using the foot pump). They are very excited about creating friction and attaching them to themselves and each other.

We are now going for a scoot to the park. I have the CHD support group this afternoon and we may make scones.

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