Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad Influences

Wren and Frost have been telling me some startling things lately and I am reeling.

This morning Wren asked me "Where is the Mercy Killer?"
"The WHAT?" I asked.
"The MERCY KILLER!" he said, most distinctly.
"What's a Mercy Killer?" I asked, trying to figure out where this was coming from.
"Oh, I meant the X-wing fighter. Where is it?"

He could not be drawn on the Mercy Killer any more. What on earth was THAT?

Later, we were driving Frost to school late because he had a sore tummy this morning. Wren shouted "FORK INCOMING!" and a piece of cutlery came flying into the front passenger seat from the back. I flinched. It was not safe.

Now, on Zaboomofoo they use that phrase when an animal arrives: "Bats incoming!" but throwing a fork???

Frost laughed a lot so WRen kept trying to be funny again by saying "Boy incoming, dog incoming, house incoming" etc. Frost said that was not funny so Wren asked me what WAS funny. A bad influence, myself, I said that it would be funny if he could think of a funny thing happening like a Monkey pooping an olive.

OK, it was not funny. It was not wise.

"I saw a monkey pooping an olive." Wren said.

Nobody laughed. "The Police car poops" he said. That didn't get a laugh either.

Time passed.

Suddenly, as we approached school Wren said "WOAH, the monkey pooped an olive!"

Frost and I couldn't breathe we were laughing so much. His delivery was perfect.

He was confused about why it was funny and we could not explain it to him.

This afternoon Wren watched Zaboomofoo again. He dragged a rake and window sponge in from the back deck. "I am using my WAR Axe and my SPEAR" he said, sitting down. "No, actually, it is a battle tank! No, its a ZOOKA! This is a WAR HAMMER."

Wren with his Weapons

I can't even go into the stories FROST has told me.

Thank goodness Wren spent this morning in the garden with a pet snail.

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