Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another preschool

Toured ANOTHER preschool today. Something must be wrong with me - I just didn't click with it even though it was nearby, highly reviewed and had a happy modified montessori vibe going. There was a pervasive smell of cat pee, the place was a bit rickety and I am not sure Wren needs to learn reading and writing (using Handwriting without Tears) in preschool.

When I asked about the academic focus and wondered what was going to happen in Kindergarten when these skills were typically learned, I was told that Kindergarten was really about social adjustment.

Hang on? Isn't that the wrong way around? Isn't kindergarten for the early literacy stuff and preschool about social adjustment?

Nope? Kindergarten is harder because it has more transitions so its better to get the academics done beforehand so the k kids can focus on all that hard social coping.


I used to be impressed when kids came to KapKa already reading and writing. Now, I see this as a manufactured skill. TICK. Reading. TICK. Writing. TICK. Ability to sit still and focus.

This all makes me feel rebellious.

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