Monday, February 1, 2010

The Zoo

Wren and I were the third family through the gates at the zoo today. The hippos were not yet visible, the giraffes were still locked away but the lions put on such a show that it was worth going for them alone. They roared and roared. Wren felt that they were roaring at us and wanted to go away but then said he didn't feel scared, really.

Also, I saw the lion get up and pee on a log. Now, when I say "pee on a log" you are imagining it peeing in a line like a dog or boy. Nothing of the sort. The lion just stood with its bottom towards the log and then pee sprayed out like an aerosol burst. Then he walked further and did the same thing on another tree.

It was like watching a whole new technology.

I may have got it on camera but perhaps not. I am going to make up a little film about Wren and the lions but it might take me a while to get it together.

Meanwhile, I shall leave you with some pictures of today.

I am feeling a bit stressed because Wren has been sick and Frost is now sick (and has been all weekend). He will not be in school tomorrow.

With all the sick from last week I am still not caught up from missing Heather's babysitting and now Frost is ill. Plus, I am organizing a Lunar New Year Celebration for our school and its in less than 10 days with tons to do.

Panic, panic.

Wren driving his 'truck' - a chair and an apple slicer.

The freaky lion with shining eyes (due to my flash).

Wren feeding his stuffed animal to the Chinese New Year lion.

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