Monday, January 11, 2010

To distract us from Clinic - Magnuson Walk

Yesterday morning the boys and I joined Tara and her kids for a walk/scoot along the shores of Lake Washington. We parked at Magnuson, near the new wetlands, and walked as far as the off leash dog park (where their pug, Pablo, enjoyed a frolic).

Frost had a fabulous time - Alex was on the Razor 360 bike he got from Santa, which really spins - and Wren managed to go almost the whole distance under his own pushpower.

At the dog park Wren was very anxious but also fascinated. Neither of the boys have had much exposure to dogs and almost none to big dogs. Alex met a friend of Fred's at the park and the boys tried to throw a tennis ball for his dog, a purebread American bulldog. The dog loved the ball being thrown into the lake and swimming to retrieve it but once it was in his slobbery jowls he was loathe to relinquish it.

Frost approached confidently saying "DROP" but its owner pointed out that he had never had any success with that. Frost rose to this challenge, pursuing the dog, demanding it "DROOOOP, drOP, and DROP!!!" without any better results. In the end the owner stuck his hand in its mouth and extracted the ball, time after time.

Here are the boys climbing the tree. Wren was wondering whether the tree "falled down last night?" I said it had fallen down long ago.

This picture shows the ball being extracted while the dog does his best to resist. Wren was fascinated by its testicles, asking "what is that stuff coming out of its tummy?" They were very large and wobbly and will be put to good use this month when it is mated with another pedigreed bulldog!

The boys wait for the dog to return with the ball. At this point they remain hopeful that it will drop it at their feet.

After the walk we stopped at Top Pot Donuts for tea/coffee and sugar+fat. Frost ate his entire chocolate bar donut (which was an exhibit from supersize me) and Wren ate most of his chocolate feather boa cake donut. It took Joshua two days to finish his Bavarian creme but it is now all gone and he is eating Reeses Pieces (sp) instead.

Last night Frost and Josh went out to see some live music at an all ages gig at the Kew Cafe on Magnolia. They were invited by Shawn and Sarah who took London. Frost loved it and told me he read Foxtrot, listened to live music, danced like crazy and ran around (with the lead singer's) kids and London's friends.

I read the nook.

A good night all around :)

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