Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Scooter Movie (at last)

After failing to export the AVI file I have made a movie from the clips and exported via youtube. The boys and Josh are watching a new Simpsons episode while eating the mint infused vanilla icecream Joshua made over the holidays. It is his best icecream ever, by far. I am restraining myself from eating more by eating chips, instead.

The Christmas flowers have wilted and we have dismantled the Christmas Tree and chopped it up for yard waste collection. I always feel a bit sad putting away the decorations and taking down the tree. There is so much excitement and anticipation in the holidays that its sad to feel that we must labor through a year of life before we get to have the cold again. Also, even the slightly milder weather we've been having is reminding me that it will one day warm. I am not ready for sunlight and warmth AT ALL. I have been dreaming of storm watching on the coast and I need many more months on the couch with this Nook thing before summer. I guess I have some time left in the gloom :)

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Wyndi said...

wren is soo good on his scooter!!! Izzy would be running into everything!!! She is not very good at steering yet!! She ahs a tyke that has a handle on the back and I use the handle to take over steering before she runs into cars ect!! lol I cans ee why you and the boys love them so much!!! Frost is FAST!!!how much fun!! thanks for sharing!!! hope his apt goes very well and you only get ood news!!! ~wyndi