Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fever Diva

Wren was feeling a bit warm this evening and had a fever of 101 when I checked. He's OK, slightly glassy eyed and has a mild cough and upset stomach. I hope this doesn't develop into anything worse than a cold. Wren hates having "snot" (and will cry if his nose is stuffy) and was worried that he was coughing.

Both boys had a bit of extra screentime after Frost was done with homework. Frost played mini-ninja's and Wren watched. Wren is worried about boss fights and doesn't like the ogres.

Wren's favorite books are Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy and Ned's New Home which we read at bedtime.

Frost needs to get out more. He was bouncing off the walls after school and did his homework at rocket speed. He has an awful habit of starting writing in the middle of the line and drifting the margin to the right as he goes. After 7 lines his paragraphs are only a few inches wide. My threats, cajoling and punishments (making him rewrite it or do more, correctly) are not leading to any improvement. Other than this, all is well at home. Almost.

Joshua has to have a [repeat] root canal tomorrow. The dentist fears he has an abscess on a tooth under a loose crown. Perhaps some root tissue was left in the last procedure a few years ago. He has been on antibiotics and has the excavation tomorrow morning. He may take the day off if it is very awful or time consuming.

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