Thursday, December 24, 2009


Despite my best intentions [when Frost was born] neither of the boys is learning a second language. Still, I have noticed that Wren is amazingly adept at collecting words and phrases on limited exposure.

This morning Frost built a very long line of Duplo vehicles. Both boys love to play with Duplo and this is a good toy for them to share. Wren had been looking away and when he turned around he was amazed by how long the line had become.

"Oh my word!" he said.

"Why did you say that?" I asked him. "Does Heather say that?"

"No, Tara say that. She say OH MY WORD!"

Yesterday, I suggested we play in the living room. Wren said "Granny call that lounge."

In Seattle there is a place called Sponge School which exposes young kids to Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish or French through immersion in a music/play session led by a native speaker. I'd love to do something like that with Wren but its down South of the city and I know my limits. Still, I know he would just absorb anything like that at this point. He's very quick.

I have to remember that when reading books to him. When you come to a big word its easy to give in to the urge to translate it into something simple. I find myself doing that and then using the big word afterwards. I wonder whether some Phd student earned their doctorate with a study on the pros and cons of using complex versus comprehensible vocabulary with young children. Probably.

"Can Daddy wake up?" Wren asks me.
"Cos its morning."
"Its not morning for Daddy." [who is taking the day off to build a chicken coop and buy me presents.]
"Yes it is."
"What do you want to do with Daddy when he wakes up?"
"Where are the aliens?"
"In the 'puter."
"Why do you want to shoot them?"
"'cos they are BAD!"

Apparently Joshua is working on making sure Wren has a fully rounded vocabulary for a young American.

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