Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

We were away at Great Wolf Lodge last night and now I am going to take the next 24 hours to recover. Recover from what?

1) Going backwards down the River Canyon Ride.
2) Going backwards into the Tornado [is there a theme here? Does the fattest person go first?]
3) Getting very little sleep with Wren waking in the lower bunk. Including waking up at 2am and saying "Mummy drew TWO TRUNKS!" It was true, I tried to fix the trunk on a drawing he was unhappy with and then the elephant had 2 trunks. He has not forgotten or forgiven.
4) Running up and down 5 flights of stairs collecting items for Magiquest QUESTS and ADVENTURES. It got to the point where Wren was stopping strangers to say "we are doing MAGIQUEST and the DRAGON IS DEAD!" My butt is dead -honestly - and my thighs.
5) From eating too many odds and ends on the breakfast buffet and then stopping at Jack -in - Box on the way home.
6) From coming home with suitcases to unpack and a bathroom to declutter for a remodel starting tomorrow.

Mum says "I think it was a very successful weekend for everyone, really." Mum has nerves of steel but Wren did not like The Big Dump.

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