Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bedtime update

Wren was up and down this afternoon. His fever responded to Tylenol so when he was dosed he would feel well, eat, have almost no fever and was quite active. As the Tylenol wore off in the late afternoon his fever rose sharply and at one point was just shy of 103.

He is sleeping well and will probably get another dose overnight.

I found a pharmacy that was able to compound Tamilflu from the capsules into a flavored suspension and we gave it to Wren at 2pm. He is supposed to have 2 doses in 24 hours for 5 days. However, about 20 minutes after his first dose he became very hyperactive and ran in circles around the table, jumped from table to sofa and acted strangely manic and energetic (for a child who was lying on the couch 30 minutes earlier). Mum was watching on Skype and I wonder if she thought I was exaggerating his illness as he ran around showing off toys and doing laps of the living room carpet.

He collapsed after an hour and Joshua wondered whether it could have been a side-effect. In case, I am going to wait till his early dawn wakening before giving Dose 2. It will be a few hours late but better than a hyper kid in the middle of the night.

Still no respiratory symptoms but he was sad and wilted at bedtime. He has complained of headache and "headache that has gone to my legs" a few times during the day.

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