Friday, September 25, 2009

Semi-fun day

Frost came home from school and told me he has a test on Polygons tomorrow.

I said "isn't that on Friday?"
"It IS Friday tomorrow," he explained.
"No," I said, "Its THURSDAY tomorrow."
"Well, then we had two Wednesday's" he said, puzzled.
"Oh, you think?" I teased. "You just thought...."

Then the penny dropped. It is Thursday. He has a test tomorrow! This means that we have to review the whole worksheet to differentiate various polygons based on sides and angles. It seems that many of the kids had covered some of these features last year and are building on it. Frost is struggling to work on the many concepts from scratch and to remember (and spell) the words.

I will be enjoying this weekend as much as him for what it offers by way of escape from homework.

Frost is planning to DECORATE THE HOUSE FOR HALLOWEEN - a much anticipated and beloved event.

Wren had a fun first full session at preschool. I was there with him and he was incredibly happy and sweet. At one point during the day he said he would like a cookie to "put in my throat and eat up."

He was very tired at bedtime because the afternoon preschool time means he misses nap on Thursdays.

I will be submitting my second job application tomorrow and will have the weekend off to enjoy reading books instead of crafting resumes.

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