Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Falling Behind

Its ironic that when you have most to write about there is the least amount of time available to do it. We have been busy. On Saturday we drove down to Longview for Josh's nephew's first birthday. We are not the sort to whiz of to every first birthday around but we hadn't seen his family so for long that it was a de fact reunion. Everyone seems well - The Cousins are huge and pre-teen and Frost appeared equally giant to them. We ate pizza and watched Leighton (1) squish his fingers into his own finger-squishing cake. I think it was an event designed to generate cute photos and it did the job!

To avoid two long drives in one day we decided to stay Saturday night at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound which we had heard described as a hotel with a water-park attached. It was far more than that. Our neighbors describe it as Vegas for Kids which captures the hyper and spectacular nature of the place. Frost's favorite feature of our stay was Magicquest - a live action role-playing game set up around the hotel. You buy a wand and then check in at various central quest kiosks to set out on a quest. The quest involves waving your wand at certain specified objects around the hotel - a great old red chest, an owl, a cave with a pixie in it. The wand and objects are interactive, chests open to reveal glowing crystals, pictures shimmer and speak, everything twinkles and emits a great deal of noise.

I shall post more about our visit to Great Wolf in another post. For local friends and family, here are some pictures from Leighton's party (I don't know how we missed a picture of the girls, Nana Katie and Great Granny Charlotte. Oh, seeing Nana Katie Josh said "what? You are my Granny? She looks too young. And [to me] you look OLD":

Josh's Sister Kindra

Wren taking cake eating seriously.

The Bigger Boy Cousins:
Mark, Landon, Mason (Frost and Wren front)

Wren interacting with a party favor.
I will accept caption nominations for this one.

Frost wanted a go on the car too but he was too big.

Leighton and the Face-Cake

Wren and I

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