Friday, August 28, 2009

To and Fro

Frost has a summer camp in Bellevue this week and its been keeping me busy driving over to drop and fetch him every day. The full day camp has led to a great improvement in his spirits although he complains at times. He is now much less cantankerous, is nice and engaging, helpful, chatty and generally a more easy going person. Josh says he was bored and over-comfortable at home this summer. He has not been on many formal camps - fewer than last year.

While he was over at camp today (canoeing around the arboretum and navigating with a compass using a map his team drew) I went to the dermatologist to look at my iffy skin blemish. The dermatologist burned it off - saying it was either a skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesion. Lesion is a bad word. If it returns inside a month he is going to biopsy it but he thinks it unlikely.

I have an appointment for a full checkup in September which will afford us another chance to visit Cafe Nouveau in West Seattle which is just around the corner from my dermatologist. I won't go into it. Google it if you have a chance to go out and eat almond croissants or smoked salmon and fennel pizza. Totally.

Wren is well. He has made a friend of a little boy who lives around the corner. His name is Levon and his dad is Garth. Wren shared tomatoes and told Levon about the garage door. Levon tried to take the keys from Wren but Wren pulled them away. They tried to share but Levon likes to grab and Wren likes to possess. They are good buddies who have just met.

The garden is staring to brown down for fall and needs lots of pruning and raking.

I am about to fall down and need some refreshing myself.

More tomorrow and those pictures I promised.

Wren at Deception Pass

Poor Frost being put apon by Wren:

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