Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deep Apologies to Facebookers and Friends afar

I just wanted to say that I love the comments I receive on this blog. You see any on the comments here? No? Well its because most people seem to comment via Facebook. That is still lovely for me but its not lovely for them because I am a lousy lousy Facebook messager. I only message on Facebook as an absolute last resort (as I did today when Laine felt she had offended me because I had ignored her for so long).

Its really not personal. At least, I don't mean it to be.

Its because the Facebook app steals my messages or they get lost before I finish them. Most days I am extremely interrupted at home. I only type freely on days off or at night or a bit at naptime if Frost is out. So, I really intend to do better and shall try harder because I much prefer dialogue to an endless soliloquy.

Please forgive me for now and if you really want a reply, include your email in your Facebook message. That way, I can just paste it into my gmail and respond to you there.

To those of you who know the evil truth that my email is backed up for days as well please know that I have composed emails to you in my mind. We have had conversations. We have sipped our wine. Tamsyn, David, Mum, James, Kelly, Natasha, Jeanelle, Sandy - I am thinking of you and/or emails you have sent but just never get around to writing in more than sound bites. I hope we catch up eventually.

1 comment:

tamusana said...

sound bite from me: apologies not necessary :-)

(oh, and sorry for not having written anything substantial to you for so long!)