Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Seattle is having a heatwave. Its 32 C (90.3F) in the early afternoon and is predicted to last a week and reach highs of around 102F (39C) on Wednesday. Here is Cliff Mass's weather blog that explains the predictions and how this will be a record breaking heat for our region (coming after a record breaking dry spell this spring and summer). Everyone is moaning about it and having trouble sleeping (Josh slept in the basement last night and Frost had a fan) but I am feeling rather smug because I am enjoying it.

I am not sure whether I don't "feel the heat" as much, live in a cooler part of town, am used to it from living in hot places (Brisbane, Australia, Indonesia and Durban, South Africa) for 28 years of my life or have strategies to cope but it makes me feel happy and well. I feel as if I have more energy. I feel expansive and relaxed.

The hottest weather I have ever known was in Indonesia but it gets very hot in Durban and Brisbane. In those places the humidity is also a huge factor while it is really very dry here (44% humidity) at the moment. By contrast, in Durban the humidity is 82% today, in Ambon Indonesia it is 67% and in Brisbane it is 87% (they are all in winter though).

This morning I ran around Greenlake at 10am and then had a swim in the lake to cool off. I was quite wet with perspiration after the run so the swim was great and I am hoping to take Wren swimming again later.

Anyway, here are my ideas for coping in a heatwave:
1) Stay out of the sun
2) Wet your hair.
3) Wear a damp sarong and lay it around your shoulders.
4) Drink lots of water.
5) Make popsicles.
6) Keep the house open in the morning when its cool and then close the windows in the heat of the day IF you are in a place with no breeze. If you have large open windows and are elevated - keep them open to catch breeze. Seattle homes are notoriously bad in heat - they are generally designed with closed windows and insect screening which stops the breeze.
7) Shade and screen sun facing windows ON THE OUTSIDE. Its very little help to shut the blinds because the sun has already heated them through the glass and they act as big heating panels for your room. An awning or even a blanket hammered on the outside of the house will work better.

I hope you find a cooler spot and can get to enjoy the heat. We are going camping this weekend and I hope our campsite has some shade!

Potty Training
Wren is doing potty training (again). He has gone 36 hours without diapers and was dry at night. I hope this is not just because he is dehydrated but he is managing to pee in his potty with almost no accidents. He has not had such success with poop but I remain hopeful and motivated. We have a goody box of treats he can have each time he uses the potty and he seems excited about them. Wish us luck and perseverance.

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