Thursday, June 25, 2009

My camera is dead

On his last visit David gave me his new Nikon coolpix which had died into a state of lens error within a week of him buying it. Nikon repaired it for free and you have enjoyed many months of blogs pictures as a result. Sadly, it has once again been damaged (it happened after Frost dropped it but it had been making an ominous grinding noise for a while so I don't blame him completely).

Now I don't have a portable camera and since my phone is not a point and shoot model today's picture comes to you from Heather's phone!

Wren and Kyler were at the park. Frost was there too. It was just as the weather was turning from sunny and cloudy to windy and a bit dark. I am wondering if it will rain and just the thought of it gives me an upwelling of joy.

I am very joyful today. I have almost decided to do a mini (sprint) triathlon in a month. Its the Seafair one. I am still looking into logistics like what to wear, is Josh's hybrid bike ok and how do I change a tyre if I get a flat but meanwhile I ran around Greenlake (the outer track) at a fair speed. I also bought a book on Triathlon training which tells me I should start 8 months in advance and learn to swim. Hrmm.. I am obviously somewhat short of 8 months but I can swim. It also says I should practice interval training and have a complex training regimen of each sport with different intensity. I am fine about distance but speed? Yikes. I stagger along at a set rate and don't have the energy to diversify.

Even if I don't do it, its fun to have a goal and something to encourage me to do a bit more than a biweekly plod.

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Andrea said...

You should do it! I did one a couple years ago and it was fun! I am looking to do another this summer. We could virtually train together. :)