Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dragonfire Pirate Camp Day 1

Frost says Pirate Camp is awesome. He was in the "cookies" group today - which is pirate lingo for a cook. He helped prepare lunch salads and had a three course meal for lunch - pirate finger mini baguettes, cream of tomato soup and salad. He was very excited to explain how they earn loot - poker chips of different colors and values which can be used to shop at the camp store on Thursday. Tomorrow Frost will be in the miners team - digging in a 'mine' for treasures.

He says that the camp leaders are Cap'n Jim Sir, Cap'n Jackie M'am and another Cap'n and there are lots of camp counselors and Captain's kids. He is having a great time and wants to come every year.

He is also terribly excited about July 4th and wants to have a big party of his friends over in the evening to shoot fireworks.

I think we may have an afternoon potluck at our house with some of the more tame fireworks and then send off an expedition to the park to set off the larger ones.

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nautilus said...

What happened on Day 2? hope that Frost was promoted from the galley! Sounds perfect for him. I have ordered his b'day present(s) and they will be delivered quicker than I thought. maybe by the end of the week - hope that someone will collect mail left at the front door at home? Love MUM