Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hysterical laughter

Wren has been up since 4.30am for the third morning in a row. I really cannot take it much longer but neither can Wren. He is very short tempered this morning but when I let him cry a bit longer before I went in (at 4.45am after nursing from 4.25am for 10 minutes.. ie leaving him alone about 8 minutes) he was distraught. He cried, made retching sounds and yelled "Mummy has gone away") I returned and sang to him off an on for 40 minutes keeping the room dark but it was not sleep. So, lets move on to the fun stuff again:

1) Premera denied our request for Synagis. I wasn't going to ask for it but Dr Olson thought he needed it because of the mitral regurg and pulmonary pressure plus being post-op and having a haemodynamically singificant heart problem. They said "No". Not sure if I will do anything about it.

2) Wren is speaking all the time. About the cake: Wren was looking at the cake box as we baked Granny's birthday cake. He said: "Cake is yummy, want to bite that"

3) Wren loves to pretend to be a digger operator. Anything long and thin can become a gear stick. He sticks a wooden prong into a lump of playdough and says: "Voom voom, operator". He also plays with a gear stick on granny's leg.

4) In the mornings, Mum does some stretches with Wren. I try and do a few too. During yoga Wren becomes very territorial and wants to take over the whole Yoga mat (I am getting both boys mats for Christmas). Yesterday he pushed Mum and said "Move Granny, that's my spot". Here they are sharing the mat for Downward Dog.

5) Our house has its fair share of stress at the moment. I get tense/angry much more quickly than I used to and Wren and Frost are VERY loud. Wren is especially demanding (not sure if its age or post-surgery behaviour). Yesterday morning at breakfast Wren was yelling and I was getting stressed and irritable. Frost made me laugh by saying:

"STRESS Monster
will eat
your happiness."

Its my new mantra. I am not sure whether it was aimed at Wren (who was eating and being a monster) or me (who was losing happiness from Stress and can be a monster). I think it is a universal truth so shall leave it there for all to share.


Heather Jandusay said...

Love the picture of Granny and Wren! That is so cute... Hoping he's feeling better today, excited to see him tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Stress monster WILL eat your happiness!! That is a phrase I can use! Thank you Frost :)